AutoTrust Warranty

AutoTrust Warranty

3 month warranty comes standard covering all but wearing parts (up to 10 years old / 100,000 miles). The individual claim limit is £2,000 with no extras included.

The warranty can be extended and prices are shown below, all extensions gain an individual claim limit of the vehicle purchase price and 4 extras included.*

12 month and 24 month include an additional extra.**

AutoTrust Formula X up to 10 years old or 100,000 miles.

Under 2.5 litre / 250 HP Over 2.5 litre / 250 HP
6 month £349 £499
12 month £479 £799
24 month £799 £1499
Cars older or higher milage than this need to be quoted with a sales advisor.

*roadside assistance, roadside recovery, home start and puncture assist.
**MOT failure cover up to £500

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